In harmony with nature: the monochrome house with ornamental ponds

In harmony with nature: the monochrome house with ornamental ponds

Solis Residence – monolithic house on Hamilton Island.

On the picturesque island of Hamilton (Australia) inrocky cliff is a stunning private mansion. The architects tried to design, blending in with the surrounding landscape. Gray wall of the house resemble the rocky coast, and numerous decorative ponds seem to be real quiet backwaters.

Detached house in a Mediterranean style.

house project developed by Solis ResidenceRenato D’Ettorre Architects. In the layout of the house affected features Mediterranean architecture: a simple rectangular shape, open space. The main construction materials of steel concrete, stone and glass.

House with numerous ponds inside.

Throughout the house there is a largenumber of decorative ponds, which effectively reflects the stone walls and transitions. In addition, as you know, the water creates a state of peace and tranquility.

Solis Residence. Interior.

For all its “openness”, a mansion built ofreliable concrete blocks, which are not highly susceptible to the negative effects of the weather. For the local climate is characterized by prolonged drought, and after them – prolonged seasonal rains. And concrete color perfectly matches the gray cliffs of the island.

The project architectural firm Renato D’Ettorre Architects.

For thousands of kilometers from Australia, the Spanishshores of the mansion is called “House of infinity.” Its roof is a flat horizontal platform, reminiscent of the pier leading to the ocean.